For those of us that attended the November 14th Club meeting we were honored by the appearance of a special guest.  Mr. Logan Gray joined us to share some insight into some of the published works that directly (and/or indirectly) apply to the Cobra®, and Carroll Shelby.  He also shared his personal experience of sharing the driving of a 289 Cobra® from California to Minnesota several years ago.

For almost 30 years Mr. Gray has been buying and selling automotive publications by mail order and at events on the West Coast through his business, Vintage Motorbooks. He brought many examples to share with us.

Some of the items that Logan brought were free for the taking, like this poster from a Shelby reunion shortly after Carroll's passing in 2012.

Here are just some of the publications that Logan shared with the members present.  Just like most things, COVID has affected many of the venues that Logan uses for his business as well.  Here's a list of items from his website...

Books:  New, used, and out-of-print, about automotive history, restoration, racing, biographies, technical subjects, and more.

Manuals:  Factory-published American, British, and European shop manuals and owners manuals.

Sales Brochures:  A huge selection of post-WWII sales literature, both American and foreign.

Periodicals:  A good selection of back issue Road & Track, Sports Car Graphic, Automobile Quarterly, Cavallino, Christophorus, and a few others.

He does not currently have an inventory on the website, but if you have an inquiry visit him at